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How to future-proof your cybersecurity investments

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Many businesses spent the past two years trying to achieve or maintain stability in a storm of uncertainty and rapid change. As enterprises turn toward the future, they need to shift their focus from merely surviving to thriving.
This webinar explores the important — yet sometimes misunderstood and undervalued — topic of future-proofing. "Future-proof” describes a product, service, or technological system that won't need to be significantly updated as technology advances. Rather, future-proof technology will support you as you grow and change, without having to be "ripped and replaced.”
To understand how enterprises address the challenges of future-proofing, we analyzed responses of more than 300 IT business decision-makers, through a survey conducted in February 2022 by Censuswide, a global research company.
To unpack the research findings, join Joseph Carson, Advisory CISO and Chief Security Scientist at Delinea, and Brad Shewmake, Director of Corporate Communications at Delinea. Joe and Brad will present and discuss survey findings, including an audience Q&A session. You’ll get insights into future-proofing your cybersecurity strategy.

What will I learn

  • Why 2 out 3 organizations believe they can quickly recover from a cyberattack
  • How to move from being in technical debt to security innovations 
  • Why automation is critical to security future success 
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Brad Shewmake

Brad is responsible for Delinea's public relations, industry analyst relations, executive communications, and social media programs