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2023 Cyber Insurance Trends: What’s Impacting Policies, Renewals, and Buyers

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The insurance industry is evolving fast as it matures with improved risk quantification after years of escalating cyber incidents, increased risk, and unprecedented payouts. Now that Insurers have more historical incidents and breach data to judge your risk, they are getting more stringent and prescriptive about the security controls required before granting you a policy.   

Meanwhile, court cases are determining whether providers can rely on exclusionary language such as “act of war,” and detailed documented expectations to limit the scope of their payouts in the event of a cybersecurity attack. Accountability has shifted, with Insurers holding organizations responsible for determining what they can control, even in the constantly changing environment.  

With this disruptive landscape as the background, we surveyed over 300 leaders across the United States to understand the latest cyber insurance trends, fine print exclusions, increased accountability, and escalating risk impacting buyers. What we found is intriguing, and critical to know, but not unexpected.

Join us to see what we uncovered from your peers in the market and learn about the latest cyber insurance expectations, what it takes to get and keep insurance in today’s evolving environment, what could void your policy, what could lower your premiums, and the latest cyber insurance trends.      

Who should attend this webinar?    

  • Compliance and audit teams 
  • CFOs and Financial Teams
  • CISOs and executive leadership
  • CTOs
  • Delinea Customers 
  • IT Security 
  • Legal Advisors
  • PAM experts  

Get answers to these important questions:    

  • What could void my cyber insurance policy?  
  • What do cyber insurers expect you to control?  
  • What do you need to have in place to help secure or renew cyber insurance?   
  • What new expectations do I need to be prepared for?

What will I learn? 

  • What could void your policy if you have a claim   
  • How the environment you operate in impacts your policy and accountability  
  • What updated security controls you need to have in place before you renew or apply
  • What has shifted, and what you need to pay attention to going forward