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Get Incident Response Ready


Build a battle-tested ransomware incident response plan with the  help of ethical hacker, Joseph Carson.
See how an attack progresses and learn how to secure your environment against future attacks.

Key Steps of a Ransomware Incident Response Plan

Businesses are often ill-prepared to deal with ransomware incidents. Especially if an attacker has masqueraded as a privileged user—you may not know they’re doing any damage until it’s too late.  

Every organization needs a well-defined, battle-tested incident response plan to combat ransomware. In this webinar, ethical hacker and Chief Security Scientist, Joseph Carson, will help you build one. 

Join Joe as he explains how a ransomware attack progresses, and demonstrates ways to prevent, detect, and respond quickly and effectively. He’ll walk through tools and techniques helpful at every stage of a ransomware attack, from initial credential compromise to escalated privileges, exfiltrated data, and ultimately ransomware deployment and ransom demand. 

Watch a step-by-step example of how to: 
  • Reduce “dwell time” by spotting a ransomware attack early  
  • Gather evidence to craft a contextual response that remediates the attack 
  • Better secure your environment against future attacks 
Who should attend this webinar?  
  • IT Security 
  • CISOs and Executive Leadership 
  • IT operations: Systems Administrators, Helpdesk Teams, Infrastructure Management, Workstation Management, etc. 
  • Professionals looking to move into these roles
What will I learn? 
  • Attack paths commonly used in ransomware incidents 
  • Best methods for investigating ransomware after an attack 
  • Key steps companies often forget to include in their ransomware incident response plans 
Get answers to these important questions:  
  • What happens behind the scenes before a ransomware attack occurs? 
  • How can I stop ransomware from progressing? 
  • What is the best way to organize my response if a ransomware attack is detected? 
  • How do I reduce the risks of future ransomware incidents? 


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