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Your Privileged Access Management Checklist

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How to plan your journey to privileged access security. 

Today, all users must be considered privileged users since one compromised user can be exploited to turn a simple breach into a cyber disaster. To properly secure privileged access across your organization, follow our Privileged Access Management (PAM) checklist and make sure you’re on the right path. 

Because 80% of breaches involve the compromise of IT and business user credentials (IDs and passwords), you need a proven strategy to help you achieve privileged access security.   

Join Tony Goulding, Delinea’s Cybersecurity Evangelist, as he guides you through the steps of an easy-to-understand PAM checklist. Whether you’re starting a new PAM project or strengthening an existing Privileged Access Solution, this webinar will ensure you have covered all the bases. 

Who should attend this webinar? 

  • IT Security 
  • CISO and Executive Leadership 
  • IT operations: Systems Administrators, Helpdesk Teams, Infrastructure Management, Workstation 
  • Professionals looking to move into these roles 

What will I learn? 

  • How to implement your own Privileged Access Management program, through step-by-step guidance 
  • Which PAM tools are used by cybersecurity experts 
  • Techniques based on real-world lessons from PAM experts 

Get the answers to these important questions 

  • What are the primary privileged access risks and threats that most organizations face?  
  • How do I move beyond using simple passwords to secure access control to my privileged users?  
  • What are the steps to help me build a strong foundation as I move forward on my PAM journey?