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2024 State of Identity Security in the Age of AI

Unveiling the Latest Trends and Strategies in Identity Security

State of Identity Security in the Age of AI 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds tremendous potential to aid in cyber defense and the industry is making progress toward realizing its benefits. In our annual global survey, we wanted to know: How are organizations leveraging AI in their identity security strategies? To find out, we asked 1,800 IT and security decision-makers across 21 countries, representing companies with over 500 employees in a wide range of industries.  

Key findings 

As the identity attack surface becomes more dynamic and cybercriminals launch large-scale attacks, static identity security practices won’t be able to keep up. If companies can’t move beyond human-dependent processes, then they’re likely to pay the price. 

With 80% of companies worldwide experiencing an identity-related cyberattack this year, and 93% of victims suffering measurable losses, the pressure for more effective identity security has never been greater.   

The data shows a growing shift towards embracing AI for identity security. Initially, companies expect to apply AI to surface information, prioritize actions, and save time, supported by human oversight to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. Most expect to use AI for identity security use cases such as monitoring, alerting, and assessing risk.   

Download the report for more detailed findings and analysis. You’ll see why hyper-flexible automation is imperative for stronger security, business continuity, and efficiency. Plus, you’ll learn how you can begin to embed intelligent, risk-based identity security controls in your own organization. The results can help you understand the evolving threat of identity-based attacks and build an identity security strategy for the future. 

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